Nello Baricci, the FIRST of the original 26 founders of the Association of the Brunello di Montalcino in 1967, is the personality who most represents the host of small producers who contributed towards making the Brunello di Montalcino the great wine it is today. His farm, Colombaio di Montosoli, has always been one of the great grand crus of Montalcino and is a small set-up that has made its name thanks to the quality of the wines and the seriousness and honesty of the Baricci family. Here tradition is really at home and here the Brunello has remained completely unchanged, unlike others that have followed in the wake of so-called “international customer tastes”. The soil, the position, the well cultivated vineyard, the Sangiovese Grosso grapes and the medium capacity Slavonian (Croatian) oak barrels make up Nello’s recipe for his splendid wine. Baricci annual production is about 12,000 bottles of his prized Brunello and 18,000 bottles of prized Rosso di Montalcino.

Baricci Brunello is situated on the most prestigious location in Montalcino, the Montosoli Hill, and it is one of the truest examples of what a Brunello should be. Manual harvested, Baricci Brunello comes from a very high selection of the best grapes. The difference of temperature between night and day on Montosil Hill helps perfect the balance between the level of sugars and acidity. The color is ruby red, while the nose is complex, exciting, fresh yet ethereal, and compound with hints of violet and a pleasant remembrance of forest fruits, with essences of plum and cherry combined with oak shadings, vanilla spice and blackberry. Perfect accompaniment to red roast meat, noble game and aged cheeses. A wine for meditative contemplation.

Baricci Rosso is the ONLY Rosso di Montalcino that comes from the most prestigious location in Montalcino, the Montosoli Hill, and was hand-harvested from the highest selection of the best Sangiovese Grosso grapes. While other winemakers in Montalcino have certain inferior vineyard locations for their Rosso, and premium locations for their Brunello, Nello Baricci's Rosso is 100% de-classified Brunello, which is why we like to call Baricci's Rosso di Montalcino "Baby Brunello!" This wine is intensely ruby colored and vivacious. On the nose it appears large, fresh and charming with hints of violets, fresh cherries and plums. On the palate it is young in character, dry, strong, and warm. It has a very good body, structure, and personality, with inviting drinkability. It combines well with dishes of modern complexity, such as pasta preparations with meat sauces, soups, roasted grilled red meats, and is excellent with seasoned cheeses.


A very interesting story of family and wine.... In 1998 Evangelos Paraschos, an ethnic Greek who came to study and make wine on the Italian/Slovenian border, founded the winery with his ethnic Slovene wife, who he happened to meet in Italy while studying agriculture in Venice. Being one of the most intensely enthusiastic supporters of organic and natural wine production in the entire region, all of his wines follow a very unique, centuries-old traditional approach to winemaking that has been the heart and soul of the Collio-Brda microclimate. Their traditional handmade wines all come from clay and flysch-rich vineyards located in San Floriano Del Collio in Gorizia, right on the very border of Italy and Slovenia. This Merlot, which we have decided to market as a "Rosso" due to its tremendously unique character, was fermented for 20 days in open top oak vats, with no refrigeration and no added yeasts -- something that is customary with all Paraschos wines. The wine was then aged on lees for 24 months in large 1500-2500 liter Slavonian (Croatian) oak barrels and bottled with no filtration and no added sulfur --- another requirement that Paraschos applies to all of his wines. This is a wine that certainly needs to be decanted to reveal its true identity and character: aromas or anise, plums, and strawberries will lead you on a truly unique experience with a slightly chewy, earthy, smooth, and such elegant palate with unmatched substance. With its brightness, lightness, and elegant acidity, the wine is a wonderful companion to a variety of meat, pasta, or seafood brodetto dishes.

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